Barry Umbs, Gathering Chairman
Tall Club of Milwaukee
(414) 520-1324


Milwaukee, WI– September 7-9 2018

Members of Tall Clubs International from the US and Canada will be in the Milwaukee area for the Tall Club of Milwaukee Gathering. This year’s theme is “Oktoberfest”, including 3 days of activities. The events will be held at the La Quinta Inn & Suites in Glendale Wisconsin on Port Washington Road from Friday, Sept 7 through Sunday Sep 9, 2018. Oktoberfest has been a successful 20 year annual event hosted by our sister club, the MadTownTalls, listed on our menus below, which drew in members from the triangle of Milwaukee, Madison and Chicago clubs.

The Tall Club of Milwaukee has a long history in Milwaukee dating back to the founding of the Milwaukee Toppers Tall Club in 1947. We are affiliated with Tall Clubs International (TCI), founded in 1938. It is a not-for-profit community service and social organization for Tall People. There was a network of 44 chapters across the United States and Canada. Men at least 6’2” and women 5’10” and over, enjoy camaraderie with fellow members while advocating for the needs of the taller than average statured individuals. They devote time to spreading awareness to transportation and retail manufacturing industries, as well as educating the general public to the medical dangers of Marfan syndrome.

The TCI Foundation, Inc. is an affiliate organization of Tall Clubs International, founded in 1992, houses a scholarship program which grants scholarships to tall young adults under the age of 21, seeking their first year of higher education.

The group will be visiting various attractions in Milwaukee on Saturday September 8 culminating with attending Oktoberfest.

For details of this event or to interview, please email For more information about Tall Clubs International please visit,

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