Upcoming activities of the Tall Club of Milwaukee

We haven’t done much organized activity through the pandemic other than pick scholarship winners the last 2 years. but two events that we’ve invited the Chicago Paramount and Mad Town Talls Tall Clubs to are as follows were posted to the Mad Town Tall’s members and now will be shared here.

Sunday Aug 7, 1:30pm, Franklin Lions Legend Park Band Shell,

8713-8743 W Drexel Ave, Franklin, WI 53132. Dave Rasmussen in the Concord Chamber Orchestra will be playing. Madison has done this before at least a couple times. There are picnic tables or bring your own chairs and lots of mature trees for shade.  Some will visit Tom Grupp at a nearby nursing home before. After the concert we’ll go to dinner or have burgers and custard nearby.

Oktoberfest at the Bavarian Bier Hall in Glendale  on Saturday Sept 10

So you can find us there that afternoon and evening.

Chicago and Milwaukee have been invited. 

Music: Sept.10th

Alte Kameraden 3pm
Alpine Blast Trio 7pm

Opens at 11am and closes at 11:55 pm.  

$10 entry fee or $5 off with Bavarian Bierhaus Mobile App, free parking
– Deal of the day: Half off liter Bier 11am-2pm


700 W Lexington Blvd, Glendale, WI

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TCI Scholarship Winner for 2022

Our 2022 Scholarship Winner is Mary Johnson from Sheboygan. She is 5’11” from North High School and planning to major in Psychology, minor Spanish, at Lakeland University in Plymouth WI. She won one of the 15 $1000 scholarships at http://www.tallclubfoundation.org/scholarship-program.html

Her Essay follows:

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MadTownTalls Oktoberfest, Saturday September 11, 2021

For information about the Mad Town Talls annual Oktoberfest event in Glendale which is a suburb of Milwaukee, how to get there, where to stay, see https://tallclubmilwaukee.files.wordpress.com/2021/07/mke-oktoberfest-2021-09-11.pdf

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Jason Gosz Scholarship Winner for 2020


Our Jason Gosz Scholarship Winner for 2020 is Antoni Haupt from Wayzata High School in Plymouth Minnesota. She is 5’11” tall and will be majoring in Mechanical Engineering at UW Milwaukee while on the swim team there. Though our local scholarship no longer has funding, we have submitted Antoni as our entree for Tall Clubs International and Tall Clubs International Foundation Kae Sumner Einfeldt, Virginia Linquist Winker and Robert Rader Academic Scholarships. Her essay follows:

What Being Tall Means To Me

I’ve always been tall for my age and have been in the 95th percentile or higher at every
doctor’s appointment I’ve been to since I was born. I never really thought much about it until I got to high school when all of a sudden some (not a lot, but some) of the boys were taller than me. I was in shock! I had towered over them for years and now a few of them towered over me. I had never felt so short. I felt tall again soon enough when the girls and guys swim teams broke apart for the high school season and I was the second tallest again (it’s swimming, there are some tall people in that sport). I got used to this again until the boys were done with their season and back in the pool with us, and I was short again. Every year this still shocks me.

I have always liked being tall. Being able to reach things that others can’t is something I
always enjoy, especially when they aren’t even close to reaching it and I can with no effort.
When I was younger I got to go on all the ‘big kid rides’ at Valleyfair (an amusement park close to my house) way before all of my friends got to. I have younger cousins that always ask for a ride on my shoulders because they get to see the world (or my grandma’s living room) from a different perspective.

Being tall gives me an athletic edge at swimming because I can get to the wall that much quicker. More than once I have been able to out reach someone at the end of a race. And when I dive in I am already ahead (or at least not as far behind, I have a bad start) as I would be if I was shorter. It does make breast stroke a little harder though because it takes more effort to whip my legs around.

Being tall does make alpine ski racing (my other sport) a little bit more difficult because it’s hard to get around the gates because my legs are so long.  But I still love it, I even wore a giraffe costume skiing. (My neck is too long for the hood to go up.)

Being tall has also made me appreciate the little things like long enough sleeves, leg
room, and blankets long enough to reach my feet. I still get excited every time I find pants that cover my ankles and fit me in the waist. Or a shower head that I don’t have to bend down to use. My dad installs our showerheads higher than where most people install them.

There are some disadvantages to being tall as well – always being in the back row for any
group picture, choir concert, or dance recital, not having enough leg room on airplanes, and finding a cute pair of pants or shorts and they are just too short to actually wear.

Surprisingly, no one has ever asked me if I play basketball or volleyball, or the classic “how’s the weather up there?”

If I could change my height, I would actually add an inch so I could finally say that I am
6 feet tall. Or 5’12”!

Antoni Haupt

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1999 TLC Video Revisited – In Search of Giants

In 1999 during the Pittsburgh TCI Convention the Marfan Foundation also had their conference also in Pittsburgh. TLC had me interviewed by Dr Reid Pyeritz as a person concerned if I had Marfan Syndrome, which I didn’t. As it turned out, Dr Pyeritz misdiagnosed me and said I had Kleinfelter’s Syndrome in which a male has an extra female chromosome whereas I have an extra male chromosome.

The contributors to the film didn’t know each other at the time,, Many years later I would meet Joyce Maddox at a Marfan Conference in Chicago. I also met Sandy Allen in Pittsburgh. Since then, Sandy and Jonathan Greener have passed.

I had posted links to 2 segments of the pre-release of the documentary on facebook and they cancelled my post for reasons I don’t understand, so I am posting the links here.

Part 1: https://youtu.be/AHqzeIoMEKY

Part 2: https://youtu.be/br466y7Ht1U

Joyce and I have been contacted by parents since this program aired back then to say we enlightened them about following up with doctors for symptoms their kids had but didn’t know how to deal with, seeing similarities in us.






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The following text is off the MadTownTalls (Madison Tall Club) Newsletter.

Saturday, September 7, Oktoberfest, 700 W. Lexington, Glendale

3:00 pm  Old Heidelberg Park 


Wisconsin’s oldest and most authentic Bavarian Oktoberfest in the Midwest. It includes continuous, traditional German brass bands, folk dancing, singing, yodeling, German food, such as spanferkel, and rollbraten and pigs and chickens, roasted on the spit, beer and dancing!  You will see musicians on the tables, conga lines snaking through pavilion, wild fun and laughter!!

Tall Friends from Tall Club of Milwaukee and Paramount Tall Club of Chicago will be joining us!!

Reserved tables: Section 6, Row M, Tables 3 & 4

Ein Prosit (The Oktoberfest Anthem)

Tickets: $10 at gate – Rain or Shine Event

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Photographer needed for Marfan Walk

Dave is working UWM’s Commencement otherwise he would.

Milwaukee we need YOU!! We are looking for a volunteer photographer for the Walk for Victory on Sunday May 19 2019 • 12:00 pm – 3:00 pm. The event will be held at Greenfield Park #3A, 2028 S 124th St, West Allis, WI 53227. If you are interested in capturing some precious moments on film, please contact me at ssobers@marfan.org. Thank you for your support – it will make a difference!


Suśan Sobers, Director of Volunteer Engagement

516 883 8712 x116

The Marfan Foundation

Know the Signs. Fight for Victory.

Marfan.org  Facebook  Twitter

Register now for The Marfan Foundation Annual Conference

35 Years of Victory and Growing Stronger Together


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Milwaukee Marfan Walk

Join the Tall Club of Milwaukee hand in hand with the Marfan Foundation in supporting the country wide walks that help spread awareness and funds for solutions to this condition.  https://give.marfan.org/event/2019-milwaukee-walk-for-victory/e216854


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Tall Club of Milwaukee 2019 Holiday Party

The Tall Club of Milwaukee is billing it’s annual holiday party as its New Years Party this year like last, soon to be advertised on Facebook for Saturday Jan 12th. Please share with your tall friends.

Barry has bought the ham and doesn’t want to eat it all himself. So we are having a party and he says:

As scheduled before, it will be held at my house in Menomonee Falls and follow the same pattern as in the past.

The party will start with drinks and appetizers around 6:30pm. Dinner will be served around 8:00pm with the White Elephant Gift Exchange occurring around 10:00pm.

There is no cost for attending the party if you bring a dish to pass. TCM will supply the main course of baked ham and all the drinks.

Please call me to RSVP and to discuss what food item you will be bringing to pass. I will also then give you the address and directions to my house if you need them. I hope to see you all.

Belated Merry Christmas and a fantastic new year.

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Miss Tall International, Sheryl Lutz from Portland, at the base of the Statue of Liberty.

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