Paramount Tall Club of Chicago 70th Anniversary Weekend

For a flyer of all the information about this gala event of the tall clubs, hosted less than an hour and a half from Milwaukee, please see this flyer.  Well over 100 talls will be there, some from as far away as London and Denmark. Members of the Tall Club of Milwaukee and the Mad Town Talls will also attend

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Tall Club Christmas Parties

From Barry:

For those of you that may not have heard the news, the Tall Club of Milwaukee Annual Christmas Party is still scheduled for Saturday December 12, 2015. It will be held as usual at my house and follow the same pattern as in the past.

The party will start with drinks and appetizers around 6:30pm. Dinner will be served around 8:00pm with the White Elephant Gift Exchange occurring around 10:00pm.

There is no cost for attending the party. TCM will supply the main course of baked ham and all the drinks.

Please call me to RSVP and to discuss what food item you will be bringing to pass. I will also then give you directions. I live in Menomonee Falls.

I hope to see you all.


ps: we are also on meetup. See:

The Mad Town Talls are having their party Saturday Dec 19th. More news forthcoming.

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Concord Chamber Orchestra’s Fall Concert

Come hear the Concord Chamber Orchestra’s fall concert featuring the Tall Club of Milwaukee’s tallest member who jokes that someone has to play the high notes. However the high notes in this concert will come from violin superstar Julian Rhee. Read the link from the orchestra web site for more info.

After the concert the orchestra hosts a reception with treats from its members, so audience and orchestra may socialize.

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Polish Center of Wisconsin Beer Tasting

Check out the Milwaukee Talls Meetup site for our next event to see meetup attendees.  Here is some of the information.


Back by popular demand: Polish Beer Tasting on Friday, October 16, 2015 from 7-10 pm. at the Polish Center of WI, 6941 S. 68th St., Franklin, WI. Tickets are $25 in advance. ($10 for non-beer tasting participants.) For tickets call 414-529-2140. Major credit cards accepted.

Beer tasters receive a commemorative glass. Sample a variety of brews (over 25 in 2014). Enjoy snacks and raffles. Our beautiful lakeside patio will be open to view fall colors.
All proceeds from this event will help support the Polish Center which houses the Polish Heritage Alliance, a non-profit organization located at 6941 S. 68th St., Franklin, WI (just north of Rawson)
Polish Center of Wisconsin
The Polish Center is home to the Polish Community in the Milwaukee area. Throughout the year we proudly host many different cultural events sharing our Polish heritage. In addition our facilities are perfect for hosting your next banquet or business meeting. Come explore Polish culture with us here…

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Paramount Tall Club of Chicago 70th Anniversary Weekend.

Be one of your tall peers and attend the Paramount Tall Club of Chicago’s 70th Anniversary Weekend Jan 28-31st 2016. Click here to download a flyer or check out their facebook site and web site. Milwaukee members will carpool, some staying over, some going to daily events.

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State Fair with friends from Paramount Tall Club of Chicago


Mary, , and Amy enjoying their fresh cream puffs.


Michelle, Dave, Amy,Angela, , Mary, Coral, Dave and Linda

Dave, Angela and Amy

Dave, Angela and Amy

20150815_165151 (1)

, John, Mary,Michelle, Coral, Amy

Dave and Michelle apparently after one too many.

Dave and Michelle apparently after one too many.

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TCI News

TCI News
The TCI web site has been redesigned. Check it out for new things and our new queen.
TCI Scholarship
Kae Sumner Einfeldt Winner (awarded by TCI) – Quinn Landers sponsored by Twin Cities
Virginia Winker Linquist Winner- Sarah Wade sponsored by Houston
3rd place- McKenna Ash- sponsored by Milwaukee
4th place- Jordan McGregor – sponsored by Cincinnati
5th place – Erik Fleegauf – sponsored by Boston
6th place – Chris Xue- sponsored by Portland
7th place – Jolene Norton – sponsored by Denver
8th place – Chloe Rutledge – sponsored by CATS
9th place – Andrew Piddick – sponsored by Central Jersey
10th place – Oscar Torres – sponsored by Las Vegas
11th place – Thomas Monahan – sponsored by New York City
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6 Scholarship Applications received for 2015

The March 1 deadline for applications for the 2015 Daniel Gosz Memorial Scholarship has come and gone and 6 packets were found at our PO Box. Now is time to review them and pick our winner who we will also send off to Tall Clubs International for their $1000 scholarships.

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Sad news about Laura Cofran

Laura Cofran, our friend and former member of the Paramount Tall Club of Chicago has passed away Feb. 8.2015 in Prince Edward Island, Canada. Remember her and her family in your thoughts!
This link will take you to Jeff’s post…/v…/id/54d8409aac7ee9e901b70477

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State of the Union of Being Tall for 2015

The Tall Club of Milwaukee is starting 2015 with a dinner at the Thunder Bay Grill on Fat Tuesday February 17th, for a Mardi Gras Affair. Our club has it posted as a Milwaukee Talls Meetup event, dinner starting at 6pm. Fox News may well be there to do a story about our group with an interest to follow some of us around in our day to day work lives to see how tall people exist in a world made for average sized people.

Today is not without sadness. Laura Cofran who many of you know from the Paramount Tall Club of Chicago, had a stroke that left her mostly paralyzed over a year ago and on a feeding tube. She also cannot talk. Her husband shared with us today that she doesn’t wish to prolong this state of being and wishes to start her new chapter in Heaven, so please think of Laura. She is currently living in Prince Edward Island in Canada.

As the tallest member of the club and acting president, I’d like to ask any of the membership to stand forward and offer other ideas for activities for this group. Besides the dinner I mentioned above, the Mad Town Talls club is doing a pre Valentines Day dinner that some of us are driving over for.

I also will be scheduling a review of the scholarship applications that have been submitted to us for our local Jason Gosz Memorial Scholarship, and then sending that winner on to vie for the Tall Clubs International Scholarships.

Have a tall time!

-Dave Rasmussen

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