TCM Prez Heidi Holliman to Pageant for Miss Tall Clubs International 2013


Heidi Holliman, President of the Tall Club of Milwaukee,  is in the running for Miss Tall Clubs International 2013, a role representing  all of the Tall Clubs in North America.  The Tall Club of Milwaukee is honored of having such a fine member to compete at Tall Clubs International’s 75th Silver Anniversary Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada, June 24-30, 2013.


Heidi  among other things works  professionally as a nurse, is the  mother of 3 and has been a member of the Tall Club of Milwaukee for 5 years, the last 2 as Vice President and President. You will also be quite impressed with her prowess on the dance floor!


She has helped bring new members into the Tall Club of Milwaukee through interesting and fun activities on Meetup and her interest in dance, theatre and support of charities in the community, resulting in a Merit Award at the last Tall Clubs International Convention in Jacksonville, Florida. Here she is taking her son on a trip on the Wisconsin River as part of a club campout at Point Bluff Resort.

Merit Award for Heidi at TCI Convention 2012

Merit Award for Heidi at TCI Convention 2012

Join us in congratulating Heidi and supporting her journey to bring the crown back to the Milwaukee Talls! If you have any ideas for publicizing this, please join with us!


Heidi as the Queen of Hearts at the Paramount Tall Club of Chicago’s  Weekend early in 2012.

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