Merry Christmas, Hanukkah and Happy New Year

We finally got a basic  fall 2013 newsletter out for the club. Little did we know that while trying to be funny about birthdays, Tom actually had had a stroke. None of us knew until late December when his sister wrote back about the note written on Tom’s newsletter – “What has happened to you Tom?”. If you’re a friend of his, he can be sent letters at Manor Care, N26w23977 Watertown Rd, Waukesha, WI 53188. He’s lost control of the left half of his body but is alert and can still eat and talk. Friend support is needed now. That’s something us tall friends can do!

I am going to visit Tom on Christmas Eve Day and leave a shoebox of club photographs from over the years. Perhaps he will like to talk to others about some of them.

Laura Cofran who used to be with the Chicago Paramount Tall Club moved to Prince Edward Island with her husband Jeff some years ago. She also could use your prayers – after a ruptured brain anneurism left her in a coma for nearly a month. At present they are trying to ween her off a respirator. Jeff has a blog about her progress at

I wish everyone else a healthy and happy holiday season and hope to see some of you next year, if not before.   -Dave, President or General Manager of the Tall Club of Milwaukee.

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