State of the Union of Being Tall for 2015

The Tall Club of Milwaukee is starting 2015 with a dinner at the Thunder Bay Grill on Fat Tuesday February 17th, for a Mardi Gras Affair. Our club has it posted as a Milwaukee Talls Meetup event, dinner starting at 6pm. Fox News may well be there to do a story about our group with an interest to follow some of us around in our day to day work lives to see how tall people exist in a world made for average sized people.

Today is not without sadness. Laura Cofran who many of you know from the Paramount Tall Club of Chicago, had a stroke that left her mostly paralyzed over a year ago and on a feeding tube. She also cannot talk. Her husband shared with us today that she doesn’t wish to prolong this state of being and wishes to start her new chapter in Heaven, so please think of Laura. She is currently living in Prince Edward Island in Canada.

As the tallest member of the club and acting president, I’d like to ask any of the membership to stand forward and offer other ideas for activities for this group. Besides the dinner I mentioned above, the Mad Town Talls club is doing a pre Valentines Day dinner that some of us are driving over for.

I also will be scheduling a review of the scholarship applications that have been submitted to us for our local Jason Gosz Memorial Scholarship, and then sending that winner on to vie for the Tall Clubs International Scholarships.

Have a tall time!

-Dave Rasmussen

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