TCI News

TCI News
The TCI web site has been redesigned. Check it out for new things and our new queen.
TCI Scholarship
Kae Sumner Einfeldt Winner (awarded by TCI) – Quinn Landers sponsored by Twin Cities
Virginia Winker Linquist Winner- Sarah Wade sponsored by Houston
3rd place- McKenna Ash- sponsored by Milwaukee
4th place- Jordan McGregor – sponsored by Cincinnati
5th place – Erik Fleegauf – sponsored by Boston
6th place – Chris Xue- sponsored by Portland
7th place – Jolene Norton – sponsored by Denver
8th place – Chloe Rutledge – sponsored by CATS
9th place – Andrew Piddick – sponsored by Central Jersey
10th place – Oscar Torres – sponsored by Las Vegas
11th place – Thomas Monahan – sponsored by New York City
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